Quality System in the Joint Stock Company "Omsk Engine Design Bureau".


Quality System is aggregate of organization structure, responsibility, procedures, processes and resources which ensures implementing of quality management.
   It is supposed, that the System of Quality in Joint Stock Company "Omsk Engine Design Bureau
" (OEDB) is generated and successfully functions since 2003 to what the given documents testify:


    1. by Federal Aviation Administration - the Certificate of compliance ╣ 2021030039 from 02.07.2003 on compliance the OEDB with the requirements of Russian Civil Aviation Laws, maintenance service and repair of an aeronautical engineering.


    2. by Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee - the 2. Certificate of repair organization ╣ SPR-61 from 08.07.2003 on compliance of the Quality System with the requirements of Aviation Regulations (Part 145) and approval of the OEDB in the capacity of repair organization. For obtaining the given certificate a commission, consisting of experts of the Civil Aviation State Service and the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee, has inspected the OEDB. During comprehensive inspection the compliance of repair manufacturing and the Quality System of the enterprise has been confirmed with the requirements of the new Aviation Regulations including 15 items. The commission, in particular, researched overhaul technology of TVD-10B engine which is the most reliable engine in its power class in the world. These engines which are installed on n-28, have been developed on the OEDB and manufactured in Poland. The TVD-10B overhaul actually means their series production, therefore for the enterprise it was so important to receive the new certificate.


   3. by źService of Certification╗ (body on certification of quality systems) - the Certificate of compliance ╣ ROSS RU.IK58. ╩00003 from 06.06.2005 on compliance of the Quality Management System with reference to designing, development, manufacturing and maintenance service of small-size gas-turbine engines such as TRDD-50 and its modifications with the requirements of GOST R International Organization for Standardization 9001-2001 (ISO9001:2000), SRPP (system of development and statement of production on manufacturing).


    Besides all listed above, the 348-th military representation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation at performs at the enterprise a production inspection.