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Airbuses IL-86

Airbuses IL-96-300


VGTD VSU-10 type - gas-turbine engine with free turbine rotating turbine-driven compressor and alternating-current generator through the reduction gear-intensifier.

VGTD VSU-10 is intended:

On the ground:

1) for manufacture and maintenance of airplane services by electrical energy;

2) for manufacture and maintenance of sustainers starting systems and conditioning of an airplane by compressed air;

In the air:

1) in the capacity of an emergency source of electrical energy and compressed air for airplane needs (in case of sustainers failure or their generators of an electric current) - production and supply of compressed air for sustainer starts and in airplane conditioning system, and also production and supply of electrical energy - to airplane airborne systems.


VGTD VSU-10 consists of following modules and functional systems:

- Gas generator;

- Reduction gear-intensifier;

- Driven compressor with air by-pass mechanism behind it;

- Alternating-current generator;

- Starting systems;

- Fuel supply and regulations systems;

- Oil system;

- Protective systems;

- Ice protection system;

- Control systems.


Dimensional and weight characteristics:

Dry weight of VGTD VSU-10 in delivery condition max. 218,9 kg

Weight by VGTD VSU-10 delivery max. 510 kg

Width - 1035+10 mm

Height - 1264+10 mm

Length - 2225+10 mm


Service life and storage time:

- first overhaul life (life between overhauls) - 2000 h/2800 start On technical condition;

- assigned life - 4500 h/6300 start. Works are conducted and materials for its increase up to 8000 h/10000 start prepared.

Storage time before the first overhaul life (life between overhauls) - 6 years with the subsequent extension on technical condition till 10 years.


Main parameters of compressed air and electrical energy, generated by VGTD VSU-10 (outside air temperature- 15C, altitude - 0 km, nominal mode).


- Air flow - 3,5 kg/sec, not less, with a capability of change up to null;

- Absolute total pressure - 4,65 kg/sm, not less;

- Temperature - 217,5, no more.

Electrical energy (source - alternating-current generator) in conditions of application:

- Power - 40 kWA (100 % from nominal);

- Stress - 208/120 W,

- Rotor speed of 600 min-12%, Hz - 4002%.


Used fuel:

- Main fuel - TC-1 kerosene;

- Duplicate fuel - RT kerosene.