June 2005 - Exhibition of military equipment, technologies and arms of Land forces "VTTV-Omsk".

Since 1999 Omsk Engine Design Bureau constantly increases a production volume by 12_16 percent. Thus, it proves its intellectual and manufacturing feasibility not only by its famous fifty-year past but also by its present, confirms that right to leadership as far as the production and development of small-sized gas turbine engines.

History of the enterprise is in its production. The first development together with the Central Institute of Aeronautical Engine manufacture was in 1956. It was the 300-hp gas turbine engine GTD-1. Then there will be GTD-5 the modification of which had been manufactured at Omsk Production Association named after P.I. Baranov during many years. TVD-10 (940 hp) turboprop engine will be the following generation engine of the same class. It was produced in 1970 for Be-30 local airline plane and it is still the most reliable, Omsk Engine Design Bureau is still very proud of it.

This product is really unique. The high technical level of a constructive approach that had been set at the development allowed to produce a wide range of modifications. TVD-10M - for air cushion ship, TVD-10B - for An-28, local airline passenger plane, TVD-20 - for single-motor ÀN-3, and VSU-10 - for IL-86 and IL-96-300 airbuses. Now the repair of operated engines TVD-10B, the follow-on of a serial production and operation of TVD-20 engines (the certificate of conformity was issued in 2000) and VSU-10 are the main directions of the activity of the enterprise which give work, financial and social stability to the staff.

Among the achievements of Omsk Engine Design Bureau (and this was recognized by specialists) are turboshaft engine TV-0-100 and unified filling apparatus UPAZ for air fuellers.

And another fact should also be mentioned. V.G. Kostogryz, General Director – Chief Designer of Omsk Engine Design Bureau, took part in the development of engines TVD-10B, VSU-10, TVD-20 which were manufactured and used by aircraft enterprises in Russia and CIS countries with planes An-28, IL-86, IL - 96 and Àn-3. Valentin Grigoryevich is, without an exaggeration, not an ordinary person. He is at the head of the staff for twenty years. We cannot compare the working conditions of defense industry enterprises in the Soviet Union to the conditions that we have now. Many previous directors did not manage to meet the requirements of new market relations which, first of all, had a negative influence on the enterprises. And those who have recently become directors often lack experience in different conditions. They say at Omsk Engine Design Bureau that they are lucky because with another director the situation could be different. Many defense industry enterprises all over Russia went away with a similar famous his-tory. By the way, four years ago V.G. Kostogryz has defended his Ph.D. thesis. Under his direction they continue to design new generation engines.

1993 is not only a historic, but also a modern date, when after the introduction of several significant measures the enterprise received the certificate of gas turbine aviation engine designer for civil airplanes. And V.G. Kostogryz, General Director – Chief Designer, also has the qualification certificate of the management of the enterprise that develops defense technology.

The future of Omsk Engine Design Bureau is connected with activity extension in the field of gas turbine equipment both for aviation and ground application. Among the directions are the modifications of low-sized gas turbine engines including TVD-20 family, for various kinds of air (An-38 plane), water and hybrid transport. The manufacture of different units (ground, mobile, power, gas-jet and heat-generating units, compressors) is also one of the directions. Power engineering, railway transport and petroleum production are the spheres of the application. Design, laboratory, production and test bases of the enterprise, high personnel potential allow to develop and deliver a reliable production at all stages - from the design up to the certification, manufacturing and repair.

After some time the events of the previous years both significant and ordinary will become different from a historic point of view. But undoubtedly, two polar expeditions to Antarctica in December, 2001 - January, 2002 and in December 2004 - January, 2005, will remain remarkable dates for Omsk Engine Design Bureau. It was the expedition when the South Pole was conquered by a modest Russian plane AN-3T made in Omsk. Now we can officially state that there is an opinion of specialists in engine design: “the engine failure” in the first case is a consequence of “non-observance of a technical process at the engine start”. Now the successful termination of the Antarctic expedition has confirmed the reliability both of plane AN-3T and engine TVD-20. By the way, now there is a modernized technology of its start at Omsk Engine Design Bureau. It will be introduced in a serial operation.

Last years were marked by the introduction of new information technologies at the enterprise. Several local computer networks were created. In 2002 among the first was the network of financial services, later – the networks of design and technological services. The integration of local networks of blocks and divisions into a uniform enterprise network goes on.

“General computerization” allowed us to transfer new kinds of development to a higher level with the use of modern technologies, to lower nonproductive losses, to introduce the accurate account of financial circulation, materials and components. The use of on-line information gives the opportunity to on-line influence on the operation of any service: shops of assembly, tests or design shop. Besides, the creation of a continuous cycle of new technique development and manufacturing, from the release of the design documentation up to the manufacturing in production department is carried on. The budgeting system that was introduced in 2004 gives the positive results.

And there is one more innovation. Specialists of Omsk Engine Design Bureau have developed the methods of aviation diagnostics. Introduction of a software complex (while there is a process of improvement) will allow to receive the automatic analysis of parameters of the engine in an on-line regime and with a maximum level of precision determine its technical state with the localization of failures and malfunctions, with information on necessary repair and entering of the data into a database. Moreover, this year we plan to buy additional diagnostic equipment that allows to check the engine without removing it from the plane.

Of course, the introduction of new information technologies is an expensive thing. But it is the investment in the future. And sometime after several years these “additional” work will become the beginning of a new page in the enterprise history, namely the modem period of engine design in Russia. That’s the way the present goes very close with the past, the efforts of our collective allow planning for the future. Valery Vasilyevich Kostyakov who is a cautious and laconic person answered in a couple of words about the future anniversary of 2006: “There is time for everything”, and we believe that it would be. Anyway, many employees, having remembered defense industry crisis in the unforgettable ninetieths, talk about “a great deal” of work with much more interest and joyful readiness. About the regular salary: “Twice a month, besides it is increased periodically”. About Valentin Grigoryevich Kostogryz, Chief Designer: “Who knows how all the things could be if there was no experienced director in the enterprise, able to predict every situation”. But they complain that there is still not so many young people. As a matter of fact a middle age of the personnel is more than fifty. But they continue to say that there is a change in their good old Design bureau and the change is for the better.