Board of direcrors


Staff of Board of Directors of the Omsk Engine Design Bureau(OEDB):


- Zaharov Igor Sergeevich - The head of representation SC "Russian Technologies" in Omsk area


- Kostogryz Valentin Grigorjevich - General Director of the "OEDB";


- Kostjakov Valery Vasiljevich - Deputy Director General for Commerce of the OJSC “OEDB”


- Kosyrev Andrei Aleksandrovich -Expert of SC "Russian Technologies"


- Kuznecov Dmitriy Evgenjevich - The deputy chief of management - the chief of a Department of department of safety of SC "Russian Technologies"


- Poljakov Victor Anatoljevich - production Director of the OJSC “NPO “Saturn”


- Ribyn Andrey Aleksandrovich - The general director of Open Society " Concern " the Aviation equipment ";