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The application was planned on the TU-204 me-dium-haul passenger airplane.


Engine type - two-rotor coaxial turbine engine with air bleed between rotors and electric generator driven by constant-speed low-pressure rotor shaft.


Main data (H=0, M=0, ISA):

Air bleed parameters:

- Air-flow rate, kg/sec - 1,9;

- Total pressure, kg/sm2 - 4,9;

- Total temperature, - 250,0;

Electrical power takeoff:

- At maximum air bleed, kW - 30;

- Continuous (4 h, max) without air bleed up to = 11000 m, kW - 90;

Specific fuel consumption, kg / (kWAh) - 0,43;
Starting altitude, m - up to 10 000;
Mass in state of delivery less generator (starting, monitoring, automatic control, air bleed and by-pass systems in-cluded), kg - 229;

Overall dimensions:

Width, height, length, mm - 650x720x1300.

The engine has following features:

- Modular design;

- Axial-flow five-stage low-pressure compressor with highly developed compressor control system;

- Radial-flow single-stage high-pressure compressor;

- Annular reverse-flow combustion chamber with two manifolds;

- Axial-flow single-stage high-pressure turbine with cooled rotor blades and nozzle guide vanes;

- Axial-flow two-stage uncooled low-pressure turbine;

- Electronic digital fuel supply and automatic regulating system with hydro mechanical actuators (alternate hydro mechanical system is also provided);

- Pneumatic air bleed control system;

- Electronic monitoring and diagnostics system;

- Automatic engine start and control.


The above features as well as technical solutions embodied in the design make it possible to obtain an engine combining perfect specific parameters and wide operational possibilities.