Scheme VGDT-400


Engine type - turboshaft/turboprop.


Main data (H=0, M=0, ISA):

Take-off equivalent power, hp - 400;

Shaft rotational speed, rpm - 1100-2000;

Engine generator power, kW - 6;

Specific fuel consumption, kg/(e.hph) - 0,235;

Dry mass, kg - 75.

Overall dimensions, mm:

Diameter - 360;

Length - 780.


The engine has following features:

- Maintenance of maximum power is provided up to tH =30C and PH=730 mmHg;

- Emergency power 500 hp;

- Modular design, maintainability in service;

- Dust protection device;

- Low-noisy;

- Electronic-hydraulic automatic control system with hydro mechanical portion;

- Independent oil system;


The structural arrangement of the engine, its units and details are selected in view of experience in develop-ment of TVD-10B, VSU-10, TV-O-100 engines.


Production status:

The project.