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Ka-126 multipurpose helicopter developed by Design Bureau named after Kamov.


Engine type - turboshaft with free turbine.


Main data (H=0, M=0, ISA):

Takeoff power, hp - 700;

Output shaft speed, rpm - 6000;

Specific fuel consumption, kg/(hph) - 0,255.

Overall dimensions:

Width, height, length, mm - 7807351275;

Dry mass (with starting, monitoring, automatic and manual control systems, with engine air inlet section and exhaust unit), kg - 160.


The engine has the following design features:

- Modular design;

- Integrated inertial-type dust protection device;

- Adjustable axial/radial-flow compressor (two axial-flow and one radial-flow stages);

- Annular reverse-flow combustion chamber with two fuel nozzles;

- Axial-flow uncooled turbine;

- Axial-flow, single-stage free turbine with forward power output through the gas generator hollow shaft;

- Gearbox with the built-in hydro mechanical torquemeter and freewheel clutch on the output shaft accommo-dated in one casing with drive shafts;

- Independent closed oil system (emergency oil system is also provided);

- Electronic digital two-channel (duplex) adaptive-type automatic control and regulating system with hydro mechanical actuators (simplified hydro mechanical collective-pitch throttle control is also provided in case of complete deenergization of electronic portion);

- Starting from electric starter, with power supplied from airborne storage batteries or an external 27-VDC power source;

- The engine standard build-up items include all transmitters, units and lines (as well as electronic regulator) of the control, regulating, starting and monitoring systems with the exception of instruments installed in the heli-copter.


The above features as well as technical solutions embodied in the design make it possible to obtain an engine possessing a wide range of valuable consumer properties. The experimental production amounted to thirty two TV-O-100 engines. The total operating time of the engines by the beginning of 1991 constituted 6000 h, out of which as a helicopter component - 1000 h.

In the OEDB there is developed the gas generator ensuring increase of engine power up to 830 hp. On its base the work is also started on designing an uprated helicopter version of the TV-O-100F engine with the power of 830 hp. and an aircraft version of the TVD-100F gas-turbine engine with the power of 830 hp. The aircraft version may be used to drive both pusher and tractor propellers.


Production status:

The engine is off-the shelf to development in series production.