Autonomous gas-turbine power station (EU-53-01 power unit).




Application: for local electrical power supply and heat supply of the isolated using equipment, the drive of production equipment. The EU-53-01 installation can be used in the capacity of the main or emergency source of the electric power. The EU-53-01 allows deciding all main problems of the user isolated from central power networks.

The EU-53-01 develops pursuant to a number of initiative regional purpose-oriented programs, in particular, "SibVPKneftegasTEK".


Base engine – TVD-20-01EU (turbo-prop with free turbine, modification of the TVD-20 initial engine).

Main data of the engine (H=0, M=0, ISA):

Takeoff propeller power, hp - 1375;

Propeller speed, rpm - 1581;

Specific fuel consumption, kg/(e.hp·h) - 0,225;

Dry mass (starting, monitoring, automatic and manual control systems included), kg - 285.

Overall dimensions:

Width, height, length, mm - 850x845x1770.


The SG-500-4UZ base generator is manufactured by join-Stock Company «Safonov Electroengi-neering Plant».

Main data of generator:

The generator is synchronous brushless (Specifications 3372-001-00213109-97);

Thyristor exciting device and case of generating input deliver completely with the generator.



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EU-53-01. Top view (version).

EU-53-01. Side view (version). EU-53-01. Front view (version).

Shown here and below sketches concern to various layout designs. The finalized version is determined as agreed with the Customer.


Main data:

- Nominal electrical power, kW – 500 (delivery by 1000 - 1500 - 2000 kW units is possible); (*);

- Alternating current electrical power taken off:

- Rated power - 500 kWA;

- Rated voltage - 380 / 220 W;

- Rated current - 115 A;

- Phases number - 3;

- Frequency - 50 Hz.

Other parameters of power supply – in accordance with 23377-84 GOST:

- Mean fuel consumption - no more than 240 kg/h;

- Main fuel – diesel (GOST 4749-73), Stand-by fuel – kerosene (TS-1 and ÐÒ GOST 10227-86) (**);

- Main oil – synthetic (LZ TU 301-04-010-92), Stand-by oil – (B-3V TU38 101295-85, IMP-10 TU38 101.1299-90);

- Service life - 40000 h;

- Calendar service time - 20 years;

- Scheduled maintenance check interval - not less than 100 h of operating time;

- Degree of automation 0 - 2 in accordance with GOST 23377-84 (***);

- The plant is installed in the special casing-container (****);

- Overall dimensions - container 1Ñ GOST 18477-79 (6058 õ 2438 õ 2438 mm);

- Noise and vibrations level - in accordance with GOST 12.1.003-83 and GOST 12.4.026-76.


(*) - Under order it is possible the manufacturing of modification with recovery of thermal energy (by obtaining of hot water in temperature of 70ºÑ on boiler –utilizator outlet) power up to 1,1 Gkal (including units 2,2 - 3,3 - 4,4 Gkal).

(**) - Under order it is possible the manufacturing of modification on gas fuel with installation of additional pressing compressor.

(***) - As agreed with the Customer, it is possible the higher degree of automation.

(****) - Under order the versions of container modification are possible, including block deliveries, equipping by boilers - utilizators, pressing compressor, etc.).


The works on the EU-53-01 designing are conducted pursuant to «Agreement ¹ 30 / 21 - 05.05 about innovational cooperation on the low-powered gas-turbine power unit of broad application» between Ministry for Industrial Policy, Transport and Communication of Omsk area, Control Company of Program «SibVPKneftegasTEK», Federal State Untary Enterprise «Omsk Engine Association named after P.I. Baranov» and Open Join-Stock Company «Omsk Engine Design Bureau».